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Supermarkets in Newtown, CT.  When we first moved from Long Island to Newtown, the previous homeowner told us very proudly that "there is a big "y" in town".  We asked her how much it cost (being from NY - "Y meant YMCA to us).  She looked at us with an incredulous look on her face & said "Cost??"  We, thinking she didn't understand us, replied, "How much does a membership to the "Y" cost?".  Again, she replied, "Cost??"  At that point, we realized that we weren't communicating too well with her and asked "YMCA??"  She started to laugh and told us that the big "y" was a supermarket.  Who knew?

Being Realtors, we always point out the local supermarkets in Newtown, CT as we drive around town showing homes to buyers.  There are three now in town and they are:

  • Big Y is located at 6 Queen Street in a large shopping center with a CVS, Dunkin Donuts and other stores.  Weekly sales run Thursday to Wednesday.  They have a saver's card and run sales with buy 1 get 2 free.  You heard us right!
  • Caraluzzi's Newtown Market is also located on Queesn Street - right across from the Big Y.  Caraluzzi's is located in the Grand Union shopping center.  The rest of the shopping center is currently being renovated and no other stores are located in this plaza.  Sales run Monday to Sunday.  They have a saver's card.
  • Stop and Shop is located at 228 South Main Street in the Sand Hill Plaza.  The Sand Hill Plaza is quite large with a Panera Bread, TJ Maxx and other stores and restaurants. They, too, have a savings card and are the only supermarket in that sells Boars Head cold cuts.  Oh - don't forget about Peapod - their home delivery service!

Some people in town like to do their shopping outside of Newtown.  Some favorites are the newer Big Y in Bethel and the Big Y in Monroe.  Depending on where in Newtown you live, these stores could be closer to your home than the one on Queen Street.

Other local shopping favorites are;

  • Stew Leonards on Federal Road in Danbury.  If you've never been to Stew Leonards - GO!  It's great for children with the animated figures in the store and the petting zoo outside.  Their prepared foods are great (wings, Chinse, soups, chili).
  • Costco is located on Federal Road, but in Brookfield (same street - different town).  Costco is a warehouse store and we tend to spends hundreds of dollars when we shop there.  Costco has an optical department, food court, pharmacy and tire center.
  • Trader Joe's is located near exit 2 on I-84.  Trader Joe's carries all sort of items that the local stores don't.  It is always well worth the trip to go to Trader Joe's!
  • A&P is located at Exit 6 (Padanarum Road) in a large shopping center.  For those of you from New York, this is the same store as Waldbaums!  All your favorites are here.

Of course, this blog post has not covered all the grocery stores and supermarkets in the area - just the supermarkets in Newtown, CT and the places where others will tell you are their favorite out-of-town places to shop.  We hope this is helpful to you :-)

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Supermarkets in Newtown, CT
Supermarkets in Newtown, CT. When we first moved from Long Island to Newtown, the previous homeowner told us very proudly that "there is a big "y" in town". We asked her how much it cost (being from NY - "Y meant YMCA to us). She looked at us with… more