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Riley - The Real Estate Dog

Riley, the Real Estate Dog, is a 4 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (SCWT).  Riley is very friendly and greets everyone with an overly enthusiastic "Hello".  Riley also has loads of energy, and if we can avoid leaving him home all day by himself, we bring Riley along to real estate.  Riley is great for real estate!  His outgoing personality wins people over almost immediately.  Guess you could say that Riley is "people-friendly".

 Riley in the driver's seat  Riley - ready to go! Riley - observing the world from under the desk 

Yesterday, Riley was very busy.  We left our home at 9:45 am to meet our clients at 10:00 am.  We had already set up the day's appointments (surprisingly, all were vacant) and were ready to go.  We arrived at the pre-arranged meeting place and our clients called to tell us they would be late.  Riley anxiously waited and wagged his little tail for everyone who passed our car.

20 minutes later our clients arrived.  One of them asked if we could stop for something to eat and a cup of coffee.  Being that the houses were vacant, Riley and I agreed this was no problem.  When we arrived at the deli, Riley waited in the car and watched it.  While ordering breakfast, a man came in to ask who the Wheaten belonged to.  He said that his dog (a SCWT) was waiting for him in his car and when he saw Riley, he thought that his dog had somehow gotten into another person's car.  We assured him that Riley was in the right car.  As he walked away, he waved to Riley as he passed by.

After eating, everyone piled into the car and Riley got right to work.  He greeted our clients by wagging his tail, promptly jumped in the backseat and licked them both.  Good thing we had previous knowledge that they are "dog people"!

As we started our tour, Riley continued to work his magic.  He jumped from the front seat to the back seat and back again - finally settling in the front passenger seat.  We arrived at the first property.  Our clients exited first with Riley desperately wanting to follow them.  Riley was told to "Stay" and "Watch the car" - which he did very enthusiastically.  When we came back to car, Riley greeted us as if it was the first time he'd met us.  We repeated this a total of 6 times until we completed our tour.  We drove our clients back to their car where they said "Good bye" to Riley.

Next, we were off to the office to submit a file.  Riley layed quietly on the frontseat during the ride.  While at the office, Riley watched the car - from the driver's seat, of course.  Then we were off to the bank, the pharmacy, the gas station, the supermarket and finally - home!

After working hard and being out of the house all day, Riley was tired.  He enjoyed a delicious dinner and then leaned against the sofa pillow to watch TV for the night.

Riley has been thinking about starting his own blog.  He'd like to get your opinion.  You can email us or post a comment below.  Riley thanks you in advance for your comments.

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Riley - The Real Estate Dog
Riley, the Real Estate Dog, is a 4 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (SCWT). Riley is very friendly and greets everyone with an overly enthusiastic "Hello ". Riley also has loads of energy, and if we can avoid leaving him home all day… more
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